Brand Identity & Graphic Design

Branding-croppedWe have a great understanding for clean solid designs and effective communication. We specialize in branding. It really is what we do best. Whether you are in need of an entirely new brand, or an update to an already-existing identity, Mjach Designs will present you with options, recommendations and solutions that will leverage your history and who you are today, and most importantly, lead your organization into the future.

Branding is a strategy. Strategy to differentiate products and companies, and to build economic value for both the consumer and the brand owner. Pickton and Broderick (2001)

  • A brand is an identity that includes various, relative components; depending on the brand
  • A brand is an image where the consumer perceives a brand as representing a particular reality
  • A brand is a relationship where the consumer reflects upon him or herself through the experience of consuming a product or service.

Brand occupies space in the perception of the consumer, and is what results from the totality of what the consumer takes into consideration before making a purchase decision.

Brand Equity is the addition of the brand’s attributes including reputation, symbols, associations and names. Then the financial expression of the elements of brand equity is called Brand Value.

There are many elements to a brand.

And all of the elements need to work harmoniously in the machine that is your business. We have identified the five key components that, when functioning properly, will connect your brand with its audience.

Consistency – Wherever seen, used, discussed or heard, your brand needs to be consistent. All this matters.

Clarity – When talking about your brand, you need to be clear who you are. This prevents confusion for stakeholders, therefore increasing engagement.

Communication – Whatever you offer, it needs to be talked about through the most appropriate channels. Make yourself heard above the whirring and clanking of your competition.

Confidence – Once your brand is out there in the business world, don’t be afraid to evolve and adapt. Start it up and never stop.

Colleagues – It’s vital that your team functions as a unit, embracing your brand values, vision and aims. Inspire them to bring their own career goals in line with your brand, ensuring success for all.

This can be a man, a mind, a machine or a means.

Let us help you discover the key elements for YOUR best branding strategy.